Aqvilea Cinematic Symphonic Metal Opera

AqvileA is a passionate international music project based on the creative and compositional work of Pier Lando Baldinelli. At his side the guitarist Alessio Tolloi and the Soprano singer Cae Lys. The name recalls the ancient Roman city of Aquileia, founded in 181 BC as a military colony, and later became a prominent city of the Empire. The whole project is dedicated not only to the origins of the city but more generally to the celebration of the lost beauty of Latin culture and mythology: A choral fantasy-historical romance set at the dawn of a new civilization, dedicated to the brotherhood of peoples and to the eternity of human passions – beyond the Elysian fields.

The greatest cinematic symphonic metal opera of the year

AqvileA first album, Beyond the Elysian Fields, is a manifesto of cinematic symphonic metal, an explosion of vocal and instrumental power that blends into the glorious background of a sublime orchestra. The album, released on 20 November 2020, promises to live an epic and unforgettable adventure through the pages of History: from the navigation towards the port of Alexandria of Egypt to the march through Mediolanum swamps, from the crossing of the inaccessible Alpine passes to the bloody and tragic battle of Aquae Sextiae… the Gods will guide this fatal journey…

The production

The production of Beyond the Elysian Fields is of the highest level: it is in fact the work of Fredrik Nordström, one of the major producers in European metal and a leading figure in the so-called “Gothenburg style”, guitarist and founder of Dream Evil and known for having produced historical albums by renowned groups such as: At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Bring me the Horizon, Dark Tranquility, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, In Flames, Opeth, Septic Flesh, Soilwork, and others. The work at the Fredman studio in Gothenburg took place on several sessions and lasted for several months, covering large phases of the album’s realization, from the vocal takes to the final mixing and mastering.

The sound

Melodious and solemn, the sound of AqvileA is inspired by the classics of symphonic metal (in particular by Nightwish, the pioneers, and AqvileA ‘neighbors’, Rhapsodhy of Luca Turilli) and by the masters of Opera (one above all: Giuseppe Verdi), imposing itself strongly for its modern cinematic imprint: a tribute to the soundtracks of cinema masterpieces, from Sergio Leone to Hans Zimmer, from James Horner to Two Steps from Hell. The compositions are built around an imposing and evocative orchestral line and converge on the female lyric voice, interpreted by the outstanding soprano spinto Cae Lys, former protagonist of numerous international tours as an opera singer and as a soloist.

The show

Aqvilea’s videos and shows involve historical reconstructions and real reenactors. The image of the band is also inspired by Hollywood movies: the musicians’ costumes – an integral part of the concept and also the result of a fine work of tailoring and craftsmanship – are based on the most famous movies set in ancient Rome, like Spartacus, Anthony and Cleopatra or The gladiator: another tribute to the history of cinema. Ready to conquer the live audience, AqvileA will begin the album’s promotion live tour in Spring 2021.